Monday, 25 July 2016

Chemical Peel at Skin Philosophy Barnes

Hello, you beauties! I hope your all well and loving this glorious weather we have been having lately. So I want to talk about my visit to Skin Philosophy based in Barnes. The clinic prides itself in tailoring treatments for the individual in question. So I was rather excited about the prospect of having a tailored made treatment that suited my skin requirements.  The Clinic is based in Barnes, I drove in and found parking opposite quite easily. I love that, no parking dramas.

I walked in and was greeted by a lovely receptionist, I then met Annalouise Kenny. She is the managing director at Skin Philosophy, she is classically pretty with amazing skin. She gave me a warm welcome and we commenced into a side room so she could start my consultation.

I was given a questionnaire to do, then both Annalouise and I went through it. Lately my main concern has been very dry skin and I have been super paranoid about fine lines. My remit to Annalouise was "I want my skin to stay forever young, like vampire skin" She gave me some everyday tips to help dry skin and preserve the elasticity in our skin.

1. Water and we are not talking 6 small glasses a day, its like all day every day. Water is what keeps our skin plump and hydrated. This will preserve our skin and give us a healthy glow.

2. SPF SPF SPF the sun ages our skin, and being of Asian origin I just assumed my makeup is enough. Wrong always wear sun screen under makeup to protect your skin.
3. For dry skin use hydrating creams and for fine lines products with a high content of Retinol A. This will safeguard your skin from further wrinkles and reduce the apperance of fine lines.

My lovely friend Annie had a consultation and a chemical peel. She has oily skin, so if you do, please head over to see the do's and the do not's for oily skin at Musings of a Makeup Junkie

I was then ready to find out about the egg like contraption, that I noticed as soon as I stepped into the room. This is a facial scanner machine that maps the face and gives a full in depth analysis of the skins health. It takes multiple high resolution images of the face and underlying layers of skin. The naked eye can not see this microscopic detail. It then puts images on to the computer.

Annalouise and I went through each section, pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum and skin tone. My biggest problem dehydrated skin, that I knew already, but to see it on a screen with figures for what it should be hit home. I also have a lots of pores on my nose and forehead. Miracloulosy my wrinkles are way below what they should be for a person of my age. I have been paranoid for so long and this analysis finally put to bed my fear. I have been considering Botox for a while. Annalouise told me that I do not need it just yet and to up my skincare regime, to preserve my skin and combat aging. For me personally seeing images really helped my self esteem, I now know what the issues are and have a solution to resolve it. Annalouise then recommended a treatment plan, starting with a superficial chemical peel, upping the intensity for the next 2 visits. Then needling. Click on the links so you can read about both treatments in depth. Dermaquest Skin Peel and  Medical Micro Needling Pen

I was then ready for my treatment, I was led to my room. The clinic is a tardis it goes on and on, array of treatment rooms, all painted in white, it has a feeling of peace and tranquilty. I loved my treatment room, large, airy and lots of natural light.

I got comfortable and my superficial chemical peel commenced, it lasted for half an hour. I have done a small video so you can see, exactly what takes place. I was so relaxed and nodded off a few times. As it was a very light chemical peel I didn't have no after care to worry about. I didn't wear makeup for the next 24 hours and I do this after every facial that I have. Chemical Peel Video

It is coming up to a week since I had the chemical peel and all I can say is WOW. My skin looks amazing to the point I haven't worn foundation since the treatment, first time in decades. My light pigmentation has all but vanished and I feel confident within myself. This is something I didn't expect, I thought maybe it will improve my skin but I wasn't prepared for the new found self esteem.

I have also started using these products recommended by Annalouise, I will do a post in a few weeks time to let you know how I have got on. So far so good and they are available to purchase from Skin Philosophy. I would like to thank the team, for being so attentive, knowledgeable and welcoming.

To have a complimentry skin analysis and consultation -

Email -
Web -
Tel - 0208 3929411 

Would you have a chemical peel? 

Till next time my beauties, stay beautiful inside and out x

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hello you beauties!

I hope your all well and enjoying your weekend. So today I want to tell you about Urban Decay's Vice lipstick collection. They launched over a 100 shades last month and with 6 distinct finishes. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and have been mega excited about the lipsticks.

I know I always go on about packaging, it is so important me. This is a good indicator to what the quality of the product it holds.These cases are super sexy and I adore the debossed wording. It gives it an added luxury factor.

Video Swatches of Lipsticks , here you can see the lipstick on my lips. The 6 finishes are cream, comfort matte, mega matte, metallized, sheer and shimmer. I am loving mattes these days so for me my favorite is the mega matte. The formula for all the lipsticks is quite hydrating and nourishing. Urban Decay have created a matte that leaves my lips feeling super soft.

The colour for each lipstick despite it's finish is very pigmented and long lasting. The 5 above that I tried are a mixture of bright bold colours to softer neutrals. From the pictures below you can see some of the colours and some of the finishes. These 5 are from Wende's top ten list, Urban Decay's co founder.






To buy these stunning Lipsticks head over to Urban Decay they are priced very reasonably at £15. 

So which finish and colour do you like best?

Till next time stay beautiful, inside and out x

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Scrub Love

Hello you beauties!

I really hope your all enjoying your Sunday. So today I would like to tell you about this organic, fair trade, Rainforest-Alliance Approved and ethically sourced coffee scrub made in the UK, phew quite awesome credentials.  I love products and brands that use natural ingredients, in my mind and reality it feels so much more beneficial, healthier and wholesome.

So the one I used is their Original Lovin' Coffee Body Scrub.

I recieved the scrub in a cute cardboard envelope, little touches like this impress me. I believe if the packaging has had so much thought, the product inside would have had more. 
I started using the scrub as recommeneded 3-4 times a week. I have been suffering with very dry skin, pigmentation and ingrown hair. So I was very keen to see if this scrub would deliver. 


Roast Organic Coffee
Ground coffee is nature's finest exfoliator. It’ll buff away dead skins cells without damaging the delicate new skin underneath. A high caffeine content in our fresh grinds stimulates circulation, to promote healing in problem areas.
Pink himalayan rock salt is a natural antiseptic, so helps to reduce inflammation as it scrubs away dead skin cells.
Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet Almond Oil is a natural hypo-allergenic - so it’s safe for all skin types. The naturally high levels of vitamin A, B and D help seal in moisture. and even skin tone.
Vitamin E
Extra helpings of vitamin E block free-radicals from the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Sweet Orange Oil + Vitamin C
This natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier will reduce red spots and nourish your skin in the process. Extra vitamin C will brighten your skin even further.
Organic Orange Peel
Orange peel’s high antioxidant and citric acid content brightens and evens skin tone, while gentle stimulating circulation.

Now you know the benefits of the scrub, but does it work? I hear you ask.
So here is a picture of my arm, one month ago. You can't really see the dry skin, however you can see the pigmentation, scarring and a few ingrown hairs. I had also just come back from holiday so had a bit of a tan that made my pigmentation look worse. 

I am not a coffee drinker but adore the aroma, the scrub smelt so yummy. I applied everywhere and relaxed for 5 mins just scrubbing my body. Then rinsed off, after the first scrub I was hooked and have looked forward to the days I was going to exfoliate again. It isn't time consuming and so worth it as I felt like I had shed old skin.

One month on I have hydrated skin, less pigmentation and my scarring has faded. I highly recommend this product it is available to purchase I now want to try their Coconut and Mint scrubs. Will let you know how I get on with them. One last thing, the scrub comes in a resealable pouch, that didn't work for me so I store my scrub in a mason jar. 

So which scrub will you go for, Coffee, Mint or Coconut?

Till next time stay beautiful inside and out.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hill Glow Kits Swatches and Reviews

Hello you beauties,

I hope your all well and in good health. So today I wanted to talk about these incredible Glow Kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am fortunate to now own all three of the kits. I have stayed up at night, set alarms, had dreams,  woken up and placed orders at 2a.m. These metallic powders have me under their spell. 

My first one was The Gleam, my uncle kindly bought it over from America for me. I did hound him endlessly and didn't really leave him much choice, I just had to have them as soon as I saw them. I haven't been disappointed, from the packaging right down to the pigmentation of the high lighters it is perfection. I don't know how I did my makeup without them. I wear this under my eyes above the cheeks, on my nose and basically anywhere I want a glow. 

The other two I purchased from Cult Beauty and they are also available on Beauty Bay

The Gleam Kit

Hard Candy – Mood-changing golden peach with a pink pearl reflective finish
Starburst – Rush of cool pink with an iridescent finish
Mimosa – Radiant golden peach with a metallic finish
Crushed Pearl – Glimmering pink and silver with a crystalized chrome finish
That Glow
Sunburst – Bright, luminous gold with a metallic finish
Bubbly – Rose champagne with a pearlescent finish
Golden Bronze – Sultry, warm bronze with a gold-flecked finish
Dripping in Gold – Lavish gold with a vivid, reflective finish
Bronzed – Amber with a penny metal finish
Tourmaline – Warm taupe with a rose gold finish
Summer – Luminous sand with a white gold finish
Moonstone – Radiant quartz with a pearl finish

The pans on these palettes are quite large and do last a while, due to the fact that they are highly pigmented as seen in my swatches above. I believe these palettes are priced correctly for the amount and quality of product one gets.

I have fallen for the luminous look, and seriously cannot go back to not having "that glow though"

So my beauties which one do you like best? Gleam, That Glow or Sundipped?
Till next time stay beautiful inside and out x

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bloggers Ball 2016

Hello  you beauties,

I hope your all well and had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday I attended the Bloggers Ball 2016 organised by the beautiful Scarlett London,  I have never been before so really didn't know what to expect. I was invited by beauty blogger friends Annie from musings of a makeup junkie and Aisha from lipsticks and daydreams, I just want to thank them both as the day was amazing.  
I arrived at Dstrkt club and have to admit I was mind blown away by the decor, stands and the buzzing atmosphere. The place was filled with positive energy and everyone had a smile on their face. Scarlett, hats off it was so well organsied and looked divine.

I went to each stand and was able to have a converstion with the people behind the product, which I  loved as they were all passionate about their products and obliged us all by answering our questions. Industry experts told us about our skin types and what we should do, to look after our skin. I was very impressed by the calibar and professionism of all the exhibitors. They were very genourous with the products too and we came away with full size products to try and review.

The Goody Bags

It was a great event to network and discover new brands. I met some very inspiring people and will be doing a separate post about them. There is a bloggers festival in September and I highly recommend it to all bloggers. I had a tremendous time socializing, networking and making new friends. So below are a few pictures of the day.



 I also met  two other bloggers through Annie and Aisha, Jamie from Tanned Beauty Addict and Vicki from Beauty Breaks With Vicky  I am already looking forward to our next meetup with all these gorgeous beauties. All these ladies I credit with the pictures above, thank you for sharing and bring on the Bloggers Festival super excited.

Over the next few weeks I will be doing reviews and posts on the products so do come back and have a read. Till then stay beautiful inside and out x

Thursday, 16 June 2016

My visit to The Dollhouse Dubai

Hello you beauties!

I hope your all well and happy. So a few weeks ago whilst on holiday in Dubai, I booked into The Dollhouse salon. It is a full service salon, owned by the very beautiful Mona Kattan and Basma Al Fahim. They have a huge social media presence, I have followed Dollhouse on Instagram and have desired for a long time to have my nails done from them.

★Mona Monica Kattan★

So I emailed the team from the UK and got a very speedy response, they asked me which service I would like to book in for and from just the emails I felt valued a bit like a VIP. They were very helpful and friendly. I was now super excited to go and kept going on line to get inspiration for the nails I would like.

The day finally arrived, I woke up at the beautiful Al Qasr hotel, had yummy breakfast, left Mimi and the hubby at the pool and made my way to The Dollhouse. I had a private taxi booked to ferry me, well the driver didn't know Dubai too well and kept getting lost. I was getting frustrated as he was delaying me, so I rang Dollhouse. They were so calming and gave clear and concise directions, however he got lost again. By now I was really stressed and agitated. Rang Dollhouse again, they spoke to the driver and finally the ball dropped and we arrived at The Dollhouse. The staff I must say at Dollhouse had already made quite an impression on me just via emails and phones.
As I walked from the car park towards the Dubai Ladies Clubs building, I felt elated, I was finally going to THE DOLLHOUSE. As I stepped out of the heat into the refuge of the cool building I was super excited like a child on Christmas morning. When I walked up and saw The Dollhouse sign lit in pink I was like wow I am here yay. I was busy snapping and taking pics as I wanted to document it all.

Image result for dollhouse dubai

I was promptly greeted by my name and taken over to the pedicure chair. From the pictures i had imagined Dollhouse to be a very big space, in real life it was more quaint and cosy. The decor is beautifully opulent and the atmosphere felt soothing, calming and very friendly. I was a bit apprehensive about the pedicure chairs, as they are tub chairs and I feared they may not be comfortable. To my surprise they were very agreeable with my bad back. I was asked if I would like a drink, I asked for a black tea but I was given a black coffee, easy mistake that was rectified immediately.

So lets get down to the treatments, I was booked in for a paraffin foot pedicure and a nails. They have individual heated paraffin bags, which is so much more hygienic method then the traditional double dipping, as it used only once per client. The lady doing my manicure suggested I have it on my hands too, I had been suffering form dry skin so thought yes why not. After the treatments my hands and feet felt brand new, I felt delighted at the results.The pedicure and manicure commenced, I even had my eyebrows done. Ar one point I had four members of staff attending me. I felt like royalty, it was all so incredible. My bling nails were done to perfection, they are still going strong after 3 weeks. Once all the treatments had been done I finally got to place my hands on the dollhouse paper! I was beyond excited and took a zillion pictures with my hand on the paper.

I would just like to say Dubai is renowned for her service levels, hence the reason my husband and I return there time and time again, The Dollhouse ladies surpassed that from the very first email.  If you ever visit Dubai you simply have to drop by The Dollhouse, it should be a landmark like the Burj a must see. 

Do you like my bling nails? 

My Visit to The Dollhouse

Till next time stay beautiful inside and out x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Flat Tummy Tea

Good Evening you beauties,

Today I will like to tell you about a product called Flat Tummy Tea, to be perfectly honest with you it is an incredible product. I have suffered with severe bloating since I gave birth, nearly six years ago. My weight has gone up and down but the bloat has been consistent, some days people asking me if I am pregnant and FYI I am not. 

So I started drinking this yummy tea and I have seen a big difference, I can actually wear a vest and jeans and not have to worry about a muffin top. People have actually commented that I have lost weight, and I have dropped a couple of pounds not a substantial amount. It is down to my stomach not bloating and making me feel and look blah.  I feel so much more confident and therefore I am happier.  I have even gone and purchased new clothes, any excuse hey. I do eat sensibly and exercise too, however first time I have beaten the bloat! 

You will get two packets one called Activate and the other called Cleanse. The Activate tea you drink every morning with breakfast, super easy you put one tea spoon of the the tea into a strainer, infuse in one cup of hot water for seven to eight minutes, remove tea strainer and drink. The Cleanse tea for week 1 you drink every other evening before bed, after that every third evening. Same as before but only infuse for five to six minutes. I love the aroma of the tea it so soothing and fresh.

Over the next two days Flat Tea Tummy are having a summer sale! So head on over, get 20 percent off and say goodbye to bloating. Happy Shopping you beauties x

Do keep me updated on your progress and what you think of the tea please.

Click on the link below to go to Flat Tummy Tea